Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The chicken dance, and other forms of self mastery

There are several reasons why cultural death is taking place.
1 psychology--- everyone is so drugged to keep themselves "happy" depression is everywhere. Why? because the "media" tells us so. The world isn't any more violent than before, we just hear about it sooner and more frequently. The world can be a shitty place but it is so much less so than we are led to believe.

2--- cultural identity. Remember being told that we as a nation are a melting pot? Bullshit, we are a salad bowl at best. Cultures tend to stick together and provide for their own yet shun any who dare to buck the mores of their own social, genetic pool. Think about the stigmas most inter-cultural couples face.

3--strangers--- because of the aforementioned reasons we live in a world of strangers and single atomic families. there is less and less community and much more "us against them."As such, I am sure that being a "front-man" for a band assisted in my self confidence. Really you are our there in front of everybody. When I began I tried to research (ie. i watched alot of live videos) of other front men to see how they conducted themselves on stage, the best is still Mick Jagger. Watch that strut and confidence! What a master. So after this I became a king upon the stage. I wish I could impart some of my self confidence to others. It has served me well.
Dance, as with any other physical activity that blends mental discipline with the physical body is about self mastery. Instant gratification and our so called culture have ruined pursuits of this nature. I would recommend at least one of the following to every person always, Dance, Martial Arts, Any Sport, Band(although this is less physical it achieves the same thing). Any of these require us to develop certain amount of both physical and mental fortitude. When we neglect one portion of our personal triad(Physical, Mental, Spiritual) the whole suffers. Sad really.

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